Wet n Wild Naked Protest Velvet Matte Lip Color Swatch + Review

So, few days ago i was sent by @kutekmurah (a trusted online shop on instagram) to try their Wet n Wild Naked Protest Velvet Matte Lip Color. Oh, I’m so keen because i’ve never tried them before. But when i did a research, ternyata velvet matte lip color ini ada dua versi yang satu ada cap nya Fergie yang satu ga ada. Nah, yang aku dapet ini ga ada cap nya Fergie. Bedanya cuma di nama shade aja i heard but the colors are all the same. So, no worries ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay, let’s start this off with..


The packaging really reminds me of Menow Kissproof and Nars. But this one didnt come with box. Kalau habis ga perlu diorotin pake sharpener, this one can be twisted up and down jadi lebih praktis ๐Ÿ™‚



It smells crayon-y. Mirip sama baunya yang Megalast Lipstick. But as long as you dont put it near right in front of your nose then you would smell nothing haha. I dont really find it disturbing though.


Makan bar-bar = bubar jalan. Intinya begitu ya haha. Waktu aku buat minum dia cuma transfer sedikiiiitt. Aku buat nyamil-nyamil ringan kayak cracker dia msh stay put cuma hilang sedikit dibagian dalem. Kalau ga dibuat makan apa-apa bertahan cuma sekitar 3 jam-an buat yang warna gelap, untuk yang warna terang they fade faster. But still leaving a slight stain behind. Thank God gak bentuk ring, they fade evenly.

Swatches + Formula + Pigmentation.

Jadi setelah aku coba semua baru ngeh kenapa namanya Naked Protest lol semua warnanya ga ada yg gonjreng! Teksturnya memang velvety gitu. They’re all so creamy ga seret kayak yang seri Megalast Lipstick. Although they stated as matte but they’re still considered comfortable and not drying my lips. When it comes to pigmentation, beda shade beda pigmentasi juga. Aku bahas satu-satu per warna ya.

A360 Nude Streak


The nude-est among all. I thought i’d be looking as if i was wearing concealer on my lips. But, oh hell nooooo, ternyata kalau dipake baru keluar hint peach nya. Ini hampir mirip Melt Lipstick yang Nood. Pigmentasi is okay, one glide langsung keluar warnanya meskipun nude banget.

A362 Looking for Truffle


This one is my most favorite from the bunch. Warna kesukaan sejuta umat juga kayaknya haha. MARSALA. Warna gini dulu hitz berat gara-gara Kylie sebelum punya Cosmetic Line sendiri pakenya warna begini-gini. Pigmentasi nya juga paling bagus dari semua.

A363 Hickory Smoked


I don’t really enjoy this one. Warnanya susah rata. Patchy. Oles harus bolak balik. End of story.

A364 Charred Cherry


This shade though! My second favourite. A muted magenta. Ga norak. It’s soo nice for daily basis. Pigmentasi nya sama kayak Looking For Truffle. Bagus!

A368 Turnt Orange


Ada yg suka pake Tinted Lip Balm? Then you’ll love this one. This shade is the sheer-est from the bunch. Dan ada glitternya!! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚ my photo doesnt do it justice. Tapi nanti bisa dilihat di foto arm swatches dibawah. The glitter is shining from the crayon haha.

Arm swatches


Can you see a little hint of the glitter from the Turnt Orange on the crayon photo at bottom far right?

Final Thoughts


Their range of colors are too soft for my liking. But these kind of colors are really pretty to wear on everyday basis. The Nude Streak would go well with heavy eye makeups.

The formula is also nice for matte lipstick. It’s lightweight and not drying my lips. I honestly think they’re also worth the price which is under Rp 100.000

Where to get them ? Go check @kutekmurah on Instagram

price : Rp.75000,-


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