Esqa Cosmetics Matte Lip Liquid & Satin Lip Crayon (Review + swatches)



Another remarkable Indonesian Local Product is hereeeee ya’ll. Pretty much sure you have heard and seen them all around the internet, it’s the one and only, Esqa Cosmetics (direct link HERE ) . And I’m one of those lucky-duck to receive these bundle of joy to try and review.

I discovered they sold out so fast on their website, that many of you are upset and wondering when are they going to restock up soon ?! Now chill yo’ tittay becauseeeee, as i’m writing down here i’m bringing you a vvvvvvery GOOD NEWS. That Esqa Cosmetics is NOW available at Sephora Indonesia (click HERE) website *audiences cheering from the distance* with FREE Delivery for min purchase Rp 200.000 only!! (make sure you buy at least two haha *winks*)

 Time to buckle up and order them now before it’s too late ! Congratulations Esqa!


Now if you guys are intrigued of the product quality and stuff go read any further as i’m going to spill the tea.


They come in light grey boxes with rose-gold font printed in front. The name of the shade is printed on a sticker and pasted at the top cover of the box.


Now take a look on the inside and be ready. I literally screamedddddd. CAN WE JUST take a moment to appreciate these rose-gold goodness packaging?! The satin lip crayon packaging is way too pretty to touch. It’s combined beautifully with the white color at the bottom that its function is to twist up and down the product. Hence you don’t need sharpener in this case.


The matte lip liquid also comes with rose gold cap with the clear barrel so you can see the colour of the product. Man, they look expensive as fudge.



Matte Lip liquid

It has liquid-y texture and thin consistency. However, the pigmentation is nice. One swipe is all you need for a good whack of colour. It feels pretty sticky as it gets dried down. However, the stickiness is still tolerable so i won’t complain much about it. It’s also not drying my lips AT ALL i love it!!! The formula is transferable and non-kissproof, so dont kiss your man before you guys got home lol. The scent is hella tasty. Let’s picture a vanilla frosting here, just try not to lick it kay.

Satin lip crayon

The word satin is already described how the result is on the lips. For nude colors like this, i would say, the pigmentation is greaaaat. The texture is creamy and moist. It feels like a lipbalm and glides smoothly over your lips. The scent is as dreamy as the matte lip liquid has, my advice is only one, try not to lick it!


I need to emphasize this beforehand, i’m a truuuuu messy eater!! Hence, i dont expect these lipstick would be longlasting on me lol. The satin lip crayon especially, they’re gone after i’m eating a bread because i simply never behave while eating lol sorry 😦 While the matte lip liquid could survive longer on me, they just fade a little when i eat some crackers or other light snacks. I’ve been in a clean-eating for the last few months so i never try it while eating anythings greasy, but if you do, you need a touch-up afterwards because it’d be gone after the greasy-feast-session for sure.


Satin Lip Crayon Poppy Peach


Satin Lip Crayon Darling Pink


Matte Lip Liquid Dusty Pink (personal favorite)


Matte Lip Liquid Forbidden Red




For a local product these lipsticks are considered astonishing. The price might be a tad bit higher than other local products in common, but you get what you pay for. Look at dem packaging seriously you’d feel like holding luxury brand on your hand. Try yourself one, i bet you’ll crave for another shades lol.

WHERE TO BUY ? ( click HERE to order)



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