Etude House Oh! M’ Eye Lash Top Coat (REVIEW)


If you pay quite attention to my makeup collections, you might know that i don’t really collect Korean beauty stuff. But few days back, I got offered by @vidiyaolshop (instagram store) to try out and review one of the products they sell which mostly are Korean brand. I’m too excited to choose but then i finally picked mascara because i’m quite intrigued with Korean mascara as i have never tried them before 🎉 Oh anyway, @vidiyaolshop also sell any other Korean products ranging from liptints, brows kit, skincare ets with vvvvvery good price. Make sure to check it out if you’re all about Korean beauty stuff.
Long story short, the owner kindly sent me this Etude House Oh! M’ Eye Lash top coat (Whut a long name, huh! haha ) to try out. So basically it’s a clear and gel-based mascara to top-coating the lashes after wearing the mascara.

It doesn’t come with box but it’s all safely sealed with a sticker label. The packaging is like any other common mascara out there, with black cap and clear transparent tube so you can see the product inside. The clear gel is in sky blue color which makes it looking cute and it turns out to be transparent when i swatch it on my hand. The wand is thin and no curve so it’s easier for you to reach the lower lashes.


And how does it look on our lashes?
It also goes transparent once you apply it on your lashes . and the result? It’s surprisingly impressive! Can you actually see the difference on my both lashes? It’s crazy how the result is better than i expected hehe. I don’t wear any mascara but the top coat only.

It supposed to be used after the mascara to make them all water resistant  . So yes if you have no-waterproof mascara and want to avoid the fugly smudging, you can rely on this top coat.

If you already have decent and long lashes (bless you!) you can wear the top coat alone only to make your lashes looking natural. Another beauty hack to add is, you also can use it to set your eyebrows! haha.

Aside of being multifunctional, I personally think it’s a good product with very affordable price for the retail is only Rp 57.000,- at @vidiyaolshop. Shout out to all the college students who need something worth it but doesnt rob your wallet! hehe.

Go get the product at :

INSTAGRAM : @vidiyaolshop

Sudah pasti aseliiik dan terpercaya kok gaes langsung cuuuussss 😉


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