[REVIEW] Beauty Sponges & Silisponge by Masami Shouko


After seeing picture above, i’m pretty much sure you’re already guessing what i’m going to write on today’s article, dont ya?

I’m going to speak up more profound about these makeup tools i’ve gotten from the first and second Kay Collection’s hampers. And what are thoseeeee? Yes, they’re the various sizes beauty sponges from Masami Shouko and also that “revolutionary new applicator” everyone’s been talking about, THE SILISPONGE.

First off, i’m going to talk about the silisponge as this is my first time trying it out so i’m honestly so intrigued.  It looks like a clear jelly at first glance but a tad bit more solid and not wobbly of course, ehe. It made out of silicone, that my husband thought it was a boob implant i have in my drawer.



The thing i like from this applicator is none of the products we’re using (such as foundation) will be soaked up. Yaaasss lebih irit donk aaaah.

Also, it won’t make your hands dirty while applying makeup and is so eaaasy to clean up. Only soap and water, dry it out with towel and it’s like a new stuff all over again. Another good point for a lazy bum like me.

However, there’s this question crossed my mind when i see this tool. Is it really able to blend out my makeup evenly? I mean, hey it’s a goddamn silicone haha. Turns out i still need the help of beauty sponge to blend it all out. Thus, i’ve come to the conclusion that both products complete each other. You still need beauty sponge NO MATTER WHAT.


Therefore, after applying my foundation with silisponge i then continued blending everything out with the beauty sponge (see picture above).

The beauty sponge from Masami Shouko is an hourglass shaped with bright pink-redish color. So catchy. well, it’s called Light Bulb Red Blender on the packaging but still, for me it’s more like an hourglass figure haha.


The “curve of its sexiness”  is made for the easy grip and preventing tearing the sponge. The bottom part, it is used for all over face application and the tip part for area around the eyes or blending out my cream blush.


I discovered it doesn’t expand that much when it’s wet. It’s also a tad bit stiffer and not that bouncy. However, the finish look is quite satisfying for me. It gives me that natural dewy look on my normal-dry skin.

The last two makeup sponges are in smaller figure with tear dropped shaped. They come in nude colors and i find they’re fluffier and more bouncy compared to the lightbulb sponge. They do expand a little when wet.




Both are so tiny and cute, my munchkin thought they’re toys lol. The bigger one’s so convenient to blending out cream blush, contour and baking under eye area. And i use the tiny one for smaller areas such as my brow bones, nose and cheek highlight, acne spots, also to blend out my cream/liquid shadows.

Using the Nude Blush Blender
Using Nude Spot Blender

I love these two tiny sponges from Masami Shouko as the quality is good considering the price point. Well, all of the Masami Shouko I reviewed above are all in reasonable price (all are under Rp 100.000 ALL HAIL MASAMI) and you can easily find them at any of Kay Collection branches, also on their website.

Price :

Silisponge Rp 79.900

Lightbulb red blender Rp 92.900

Nude Blush Blender Rp 49.900

Nude Spot Blender Rp 29.900


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