[REVIEW] Dolly Wink Body and Hand Cream

Just so you guys know, i cannot get far from body and hand cream, as my skin (specifically hands) frequently tends to get dry and rough for no apparent reason. Thus, i always have at least one lotion in my bag to carry everywhere i go. And there’s this product i got from Kay Collection hampers that i have been religiously using for the past couple weeks and they slowly climb up as my favourite lotion.

They are the Limited Edition Dolly wink Body and Hand Cream.


what chu saying bout the packaging? They’re so girly and princessy with all pink errrthaaang! Hella cute. They both come in plastic tubes with top cap which clicks tightly and the packaging is so travel friendly that you can throw them all easily in your bag (or even your makeup pouch for the hand cream). The only drawback being in opaque plastic tube because you cannot determine the quantity left. But that’s kay, hey!

Oh, also, all the information is in Japanese which i cannot comprehend at all lol.






I love how their texture is so soft, silky and smells like freshly flowery garden. Extremely relaxing. That’s why i like applying the body cream right before i’m off to bed, i swear you’ll get a good sleep afterwards. The smell of the hand lotion is also addicting and not empowering at all, once you applied it onto your hands it absorbs pretty fast. My hands immedietely feels super soft and heavenly fragranced. Make sure to re-apply the cream as it washes off easily.

Overall, there’s nothing i dislike about both products. The packaging and the texture are top notch, they don’t leave any annoying greasy residue as well. Plus, the other good thing is, i just discovered that these items are on 50% sale on Kay Collection website. Uh snap!! Go get this right now and say BYE to dry cracked hands. Adios Felicia!


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