[Review] V10 Plus Indonesia : Anti Aging Serum & Water Based Peeling Gel

Hi, everyone! Back again with another skincare review–because apparently it’s the highest request from most of you .

Okay, so I just received some products from a brand named V10 Plus Indonesia few days back and they claimed that their result could be seen significantly only within 10 days. Well, okay that sounds really promising for me. However, i didn’t say yes too quick when i got offered to try a certain skincare product, i always do a lil googling to check out what the product is all about and whether they are safe or nah.

Turns out, V10 is not a new brand, it’s been all around the beauty industry since 2005 , birthed in Japan by founder Akiko Yokota, and the company headquartered in Singapore–allright, wow where have i been lol. You may read all complete history here. Not to mention, the team also claimed that all the skincares are made out of the best natural ingredients and water as the main based component with NO paraben, NO mineral oil, NO artifical color and scent. Kudos to V10!


I discovered they have a lot of different skincare product for face that are perfect for your skin type be it oily, sensitive, aging, and dry. Long story short, I was sent 2 products, consists of V10 Plus Water Based Peeling and Serum Anti Aging Series. I actually have normal-dry skin but i forgot mentioning my skintype to the team that email-ed me at the time, and turned out they sent me the anti aging serum instead lol okay aside of i might start ageing already, lucky enough  it’s just so right in time that at the moment im on the lookout for a good anti aging serum. So thank you sooo much, V10 Plus Indonesia team!

And, if you guys are on the hunt of one of the V10 Plus Indonesia products that i received and still in doubt, please keep on reading.


Just so you know one of the key steps to having radiant skin is to get rid of dead skin cells. Eventhough i’ve ever mentioned in one of my article that i looooove face scrub product so much, believe me this is my first time trying out peeling gel kind of product. For those of you who are unfamiliar with peeling gels in general, peeling gels are physical exfoliators that are gentler on the skin then–let’s say– sugar scrubs.

v10-plus-indonesia (3)

v10-plus-indonesia (5)

v10-plus-indonesia (6)

I’ve been using V10 Plus Water Based Peeling for a couple of weeks to clear out dirt , debris, dead skin cells, and it works really great on my skin. The texture is clear, quite thick and what i like the most is this product has no smell.

 For the “How to use” it’s just as easy as pie ; after cleansing and pat dry the skin, apply the peeling gel and let it sit for 5 seconds then start massaging around gently until you see tiny clumps come out. Lastly, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

v10-plus-indonesia (2)

I honestly think this peeling gel really suits those with sensitive skin, because it has no rough beads and doesnt feel burnt on the skin. It’s just so gentle and does its job right on target as your face is looking smooth and silky soft in an instant. It also feels so satisfying when you see the clumps and how much dirt the product picks up from my skin.

v10-plus-indonesia (4)

Not to mentions, it contains  2 active ingredients namely rice extract and seaweed extract.

  • Rice extract : Natural Sources Of Some Types Of Antioxidants, comprises : Tokoferol, Tocotrienols, Gamma Oryzanol, Phytosterols, Polifenol and Squalene.
  • Seaweed extract : With Mineral Absorption And Sea Salt, Seaweed is believed to have Natural Healing Properties, Containing Agents Anti Aging, Even Has Benefits Reduce Cellulite. Seaweed Slime Also Provides Natural Moisturizer In The Skin


v10-plus-indonesia (7)

v10-plus-indonesia (9)

I received all the 3 serum samples from the anti aging collection, which consist of Bio cell serum, Hyaluronic acid, and Collagen. I was so keen when i saw the Hyaluronic Acid serum because this–thus far is my dry skin best-est friend as it contains lysolecithin (phosphatide) that could accelerate penetration into the skin. On a side note, Hyaluronic acid also claims to have the ability to slowly down the process of ageing.

Other serum that i got is Biocell, which is believed to be good for DNA Repair, Skin Cell Repair, Anti Wrinkles, and Prevention of Melanin Production. Biocell is also clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by counteracting both natural and photoaging processes.


And, the last one is Collagen serum. Collagen products are thought to tighten skin, erase fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin elasticity.

Each serum has different consistency (see picture below)

v10-plus-indonesia (10)

Collagen (green sachet) has the most watery consistency among the three serums and it’s pretty runny. Biocell and hyaluronic acid have rather thick consistency. The biocell has clear-yellowish colored, whereas the other two are clear and water-like.

The serum mixture works like magic on my skin, it gives my skin a temporary brightening effect and sinks into my skin quickly with no sticky feeling at all. Not to mention, it leaves my skin feeling supple and hydrated afterwards.

How to use :

1 . After you clean your face and done with the peeling serum we’re going to wear all the three serums all in one by mixing the three serums each with a 1 : 1 : 1 ratio. Okay, it’s kind of unique i must say because i dont usually mix my serums all in one.

2. Apply the mixing serum evenly on entire face with the patting tecnique so that the product is absorbed more easily and the skin doesnt feel sticky.

3. That is all and you may continue with your regular skincare routine such as your lotion/moisturizer.



Overall, i love all the products that V10 Plus Indonesia gave me as it doesnt cause me to breakouts.  The serums are hydrating and giving a good boost of moisture for a dry skin survivor like me. If you want a maximum result do not use the serum one by one but mixing all the 3 together as suggested. It’s actually a new method for me as i’ve never thought to mix my serums all in one before. For those with sensitive skin, the V10 Peeling Gel can be your alternative to get rid of dead skin cells without using scrub with rough bead that can hurt the skin. And one more plus point to add is, these products have no odd scent at all.

I gotta say that i love the samples packaging as it’s so much practical for traveling that you dont need to bring bottles but only the tiny sachets. Anyway, all the opinions i stated is truthfully honest eventhough some of you might think that this brand already has alot of celebrities endorsement and stuff but cut it out–they actually do really good job.

Repurchase? Sure thing, I’m honestly contemplating to get the full size serum.

If you guys are curious about other products and serums for your skin problem go chcck out their website here and instagram. Thank you for reading and hope it helps! xx



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